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S .T.A.R.S. Community Development Corporation is dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged communities in Las Vegas by disrupting at-risk lifestyles and helping individuals and families become empowered and successful. Its primary focus is mentoring youth to prevent teen pregnancy and ensure high school graduation. S.T.A.R.S. (Striving To Achieve Real Success) targets middle and high school students. Goal Oriented and Family Engaged Youth Program Each student enters the program with specific written goals and S.T.A.R.S. creates benchmarks for six-week, six-month, one-year and five-year time frames. Both the summer camp, Saturday and the after school mentoring program is designed to engage not only individual students but their families as well. This holistic approach results in deeper, more sustained emotional investment on the part of students, reinforcing the positive attitudes and behavior that lead to better academic performance and improved family and peer relationships. Involving their families amplifies the benefits because the more engaged parents are in their children’s academic and social development, the more effective outside mentoring and support can be. Involving the whole family can also help eliminate logistical barriers to participation.


Our Mission.


STARSCDC is dedicated to uplifting communities who may otherwise fall victim to at-risk lifestyles by providing charitable services to children, youth and adults that allows communities to become empowered and successful. At STARS CDC we are committed to supporting family pursuits and ambitions by servicing children, youth, and adults one household at a time. As a family, we invite you to join ours! STARS CDC’s staff is completely comprised of professionally certified, qualified, nonsalaried, passionate, volunteers who have collectively donated their time and services.
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At STARS CDC we are committed to supporting family pursuits and ambitions by servicing children, youth, and adults one household at a time. As a family, we invite you to join ours!

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police feedback on STARS program .

Detective John De Schutter Encourages everyone to donate to STARS youth At Risk

Arthur Gets Out of Gang with the help of STARS .

Arthur (a STARS youth leader) is interviewed by Review Journal Newspaper. He tells the story of how he made the decision to let go of gangs with the help of his foster parents, Richardson family who are STARS board members. Help us continue helping Arthur... Fundraising Goal: $11,000 to Pay for 6 Months Rent For The Learning Center

Shaqualla Walker Testimony .

She talks about how STARS helped her break a generational curse of not making it to a college education. Now, she is happily married to Devan, a STARS leader, and now she has become a proud mother. As well, she is developing a career in Child Care.

Talking About STARS CDC .

They talk about how STARS not just helped them in their individual situation, but encouraged meaningful goal setting and follow through skills for their family as well.

Mission and Keys to Success.

STARS is dedicated to helping at risk youth and families remove barriers, plant goals, and live fruitful lives.

Our Purpose is to motivate, inspire, create, and provide! We encourage all participants to appreciate and value community, education, and each other by creating opportunities to join together in an effort to serve our community's needs 

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